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Our History

Posted on Feb. 02, 2018

Jan 1, 1992, Nanhe Ruixin Steel File Factory was founded in Nanhe city by Minwei Fan and Minke Fan. Company started producing only 5 kinds of steel file of flat, round, half round and square and triangular files only.

May 1, 1997, after 5 years development, we can produce more than 20 kinds of files including rasp and needle file.

Oct, 1, 2008, Nanhe Ruixin Steel File Factory was renamed to Nanhe Ruixin Steel File Co., LTD. We can producing more than 200 kinds files with workers over 100.

July,14, 2013 We enlarge our production line with equipments over 100 kinds workshop is over 50,000 square meters with workers 150. 

More than 60% clients are old clients with cooperation over 10 years. 85% hand files tools are welcome by our partners like HOMEDPOT and Walmart.

Application of Various Shape Steel File
What Different Types of File

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