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Carbide Burr Set 6x10mm rotary files

Posted on Nov. 19, 2019

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In industry, we can find rotary files mainly in metalworking companies. In locksmiths, using rotary files mounted on finger or mandrel grinders, we can saw, i.e. use a thin layer of metal from the treated surface. Rotary files are widely used due to their versatility and high efficiency. Thanks to the different shapes of rotary files made of carbon steel, we can choose a product that best suits our production specificity. 

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Now let's introduce our Tungsten carbide burr set with plastic box.

5PCS Tungsten Carbide Burr Set:

  • 1.Manufactured to industrial Quality Standards.

  • 2.Suitable for Steel, Cast Iron, Brass, Copper, Aluminium, Non Ferrous Metals and plastic. Machining of internal contours, holes, rays, edge breaking.

  • 3.Stock removal is rapid in both hard and soft materials due to double cut style.

  • 4.All Burrs have a 6mm shank.

  • 5.For use in air and electric die grinders.

  • 6.Individual burrs supplied in hang cell packing with barcode.

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Material: Tungsten carbide

Length: 60 mm/65 mm

Permissible speed: 20,000 rpm

Shank: 6 mm

Set contains

1 x 10x20x6mm Cylindrical End cut

1 x 10x25x6mm Cylindrical Ball Nose

1 x 10x20x6mm Pointed Tree Shape

1 x 10x20x6mm Round Tree Shape

1 x 10x20x6mm Taper W/Radius End

1 x plastic packaging with label or not.

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