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Grinder Wheel Disc

Posted on Sep. 23, 2021

New half round Grinding disc

made of tungsten carbide, the angle grinder disc is durable and practical, not easy to break or deform due to sturdy construction

Grinder Wheel Disc



85-125mm Diameter x 22mm Bore

Teeth material

Tungsten carbide


The Disc Wheels  are intended to mount on a standard electric angle grinder.


Should only be used on non-metals or non-metallic materials, perfect for wood and other materials.


It has an outstandingly high wear-life that lasts long under heavy work pressure.


1、Carbide coatings consist of hundreds of extremely sharp teeth

2、excellent durability and sharpness 3、specially developed for non-metallic materials and wood

Product Application

Grinder Wheel Disc

Suitable for quick removal and shaping, especially for convex and concave areas.

Provides quick material removal, saves time and effort and is suitable for winding work.

Carbide coatings consist of hundreds of extremely sharp teeth that quickly remove material and outlast hundreds of sandpaper blocks.

Carbide teeth ensure a long service life.

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