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How to select and use a rotary file

Posted on Nov. 05, 2019

Carbide Burs - Carbide bur bits are the universal tool for handheld die grinder applications. Used for deburring and grinding, these tools are available in single, double or non-ferrous cut. The single cut carbide bur has less tendency to load up, but pulls in one direction, making the double-cut carbide bur the much more popular choice, due to the ease of operator use with the diamond pattern. Choose the non-ferrous cut burs for aluminum and other materials that require greater chip evacuation. These tools are also used with equipment such as robotic arms to perform automated deuburring and ginding tasks. We stock a large selection of long carbide burs and a unique selection of bur sets, to meet the demand for your bur requirements.

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Then HOW to select and use rotary file?

There are some tips for your reference.

For best results of rotating files, consider the following recommendations 

A- Select the type of cut you want, excite 3 types mainly:

1, - Standard cut = general uses, cast iron, steel and other ferrous metals.

2, - Double cut = for superficial roughing for quick eviction of burrs in materials such as; brass, bronze, fiberglass, iconel, white iron, alloy steels, carbon steel, stainless steel among others.

3, - Non-ferrous cutting = used for soft filing in non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, bronze, brass and non-metallic materials to remove and dislodge the material faster with minimal effort. 

B- Select the shape of the tip most convenient to your filing and / or finishing needs.

C- The speed or RPM (revolutions per minute) of the file must be constant uniform advance to achieve a smooth surface see the table of speeds and diameters in.

D- Use only sharp files.

E- Whenever you place the rotary file in the emery, make sure it is as close to the end as possible.

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